A small bird hummed endlessly, i grew inquisitive, went up to the window.

There it was, a very small bird, with beautiful shining colors,

so small it was that two of them could easily fit in my palm,

it sounded so wonderfull, i gazed at it in wonderment for some few minutes, my phone rang and i had to pull myself

back to the real world.

the incident forgotten soon. today morning, the world seemed gloomy, i had tears in my eyes twice for no strong reason.

in my hubbys words my quota was full, i hadnt cried for a long time now… and i didnt have any reason to cry today!

the familiar humming was heard, i rushed to the window and there it was, the beauty that i adored the other day seemed of no

attraction to me today. i was just so wrapped up in my own sadness that nothing pleased. but i did learn a lesson today,

just dont put on the glares of emotions on when you see the world, view everything with a naked eye and let things and sounds touch your heart…